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Tiago Cruz, Communication Design, Illustration, Digital-Media Art and teaching at University Institute of Maia – ISMAI, Portugal.Tiago Cruz, Design, Illustration, Digital-Media Art, teaching at University Institute of Maia – ISMAI (Portugal) and researching at Research Center for Arts and Communication – CIAC (Algarve University, Portugal). Master in Multimedia Communication, by ISMAI (Portugal), with a research project focused in the areas of Drawing, Visual Culture and Visual Semiotics, entitled “From the Private register to the Public Sphere: The Graphic Diary as a means of expression and Visual Communication”. PhD in Digital Media-Art, by Portuguese Open University and University of Algarve (Portugal), context in which a series of artistic installations entitled “CulturalNature Arga#1, #2, #3 and #4” were developed related with the Landscape concept. Currently, his artistic and research interests are related to landscape, intimacy, private and public space.

email | tfncruz (at) gmail (dot) com