Light & Shadow

I spend a lot of my time between home and the university where I teach. They are so familiar in the way they look. This familiarity with the environment puts me in a state of automatic behaviour hoping for the unusual to happen. Unconsciously I mean… So, one morning I was walking through the stairs going to teach a class and the light in the corridor was blinking. This triggered an “alarm” in me. I recorded a little video with my phone. Later, looking at the video and appreciating the blinking of the light, I think I related my life somehow with this state of on and off. I opened Processing and I wrote Light.

After some days, I was passing through the same corridor and I noticed that the light was still blinking. No one fixed it. In a way, what is there to fix? It is beautiful as it is. I always liked “broken” things. There is a beauty in something not-new, not-perfect, not-unused. I did another little film of the light blinking but I framed it on the right side of the viewfinder. Later that day, I opened the Light code and I wrote Shadow, a negative.

Light & Shadow is an audiovisual piece that, starting from two videos and through an algorithmic manipulation, produces and explores a sound and visual universe on the border between the private and the public, intimacy and exposure, inside and outside. In a direct relationship with the privacy and intimacy, in a reflexive attitude, the subtitles present the context and process of development of the project.

Video-art version with added subtitles, HD video

Excerpts from the installation, HD video

Light, 2020 (screenshot)
screenshot of Shadow artwork
Shadow, 2020 (screenshot)