Sun & Rain

DateFebruary 2020
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SUN & RAIN (2020) is an infinite audiovisual typographic animation generated in realtime.

The sun and the rain are not exactly opposites. However, I perceive them in that way. The installation explores these two natural phenomena in a direct relationship with the typography, a cultural element, thus metaphorically crossing two natural elements constantly present in our lives with a cultural element also present with the same intensity. The nature / culture opposition suffers here a kind of fusion raising questions regarding the universe of language, its typographic representation, its role in our lives, its naturalisation, among others.

Sun (excerpt) from Tiago Cruz on Vimeo.

Rain (excerpt) from Tiago Cruz on Vimeo.

screenshot of the artwork Sun

screenshot of the artwork Rain

Technical details
Sun and Rain work independently and were developed with Processing. Likewise, the installation can be presented with two projectors or two monitors, two computers to run the Sun and Rain softwares, and two pairs of speakers. The software outputs vídeo in HD format (1920×1080) and stereo sound (2 channels).